H-44 & H-45

Unit Dimensions

Inside Tub Dimensions

Door Opening

Apron Height

Shipping Weight

Type of Unit

Tub and Shower

1-Piece or 3-Piece




ADA & other code compliancy

FHA – reinforced shower and tub/showers


Reinforced for the future installation of grab bars and fold-up seat, Above floor rough-in standard on these models – NO need to worry about TGI’s or special fire proofing materials, 17″ outside apron height, Flat Walls for easy grab bar positioning and fold-up seat installation, Extra Long shelf (54″ x 2.5″ for shampoo bottles and soap), wood reinforcement for shower door and curtain rod brackets, Textured floor – meets ASTM F-462 slip resistance standard, Boot Print Balsa Wood Base


Grab bars, Fold-up seat, soap dishes, Curtain rod, 15″ apron height with below floor rough-in