WR 930 AT & WR 931 AT

Unit Dimensions

Inside Tub Dimensions

Door Opening

Apron Height

Shipping Weight

Type of Unit

Air Tub

1-Piece or 3-Piece





Air Tub


AirTub system that includes an air blower with heater, 8 side injectors that have 13 mico outlets, color coded trim in White, Biscuit/Linen and Almond/Bone – All other colors will come standard with chrome trim and a 20 minute electronic timer with Variable Speed Control, Wave Mode and Autmatic Dry cycle, Extra Tall – 88.5″, Smooth back wall for ease of cleaning, Extra Generous shelving, Acrylic Grab Bar, Intergral dome, Neoprene gasket for seams – NO CAULKING required, 3-piece tub/shower with nut and bolt system for attaching sections together, Wood Reinforced pillars for shower door and curtain rod support, Textured floor – meets and exceeds ASTM F-462 slip resistance standard, Boot Print Balsa Wood Base


Brushed Nickel trim, Chrome trim, AirTub/Whirlpool combination, Dome light, Custom Backing for Grab Bars, Above floor rough-in for easy installation, Grab bars, Fold-up seat, Soap dishes, Curtain rod