Swirlpool Operations

How to Operate your Swirlpool®

  1. Close drain in Swirlpool®
  2. Turn on the water to the desired temperature and fill tub until water is at least 2″ above all the jets.
  3. Press the air switch and your Swirlpool® will start.
  4. While taking a Swirlpool®, you have the option of having the water whirling or Swirling.
    • If you prefer the water to Swirl around your body, turn all the side jets off. The side jets are turned off by twisting each individual jet face to the left.
    • If you prefer the water whirling, turn one or more of the side jet faces to the right.
    • You also have at least one air control that will regulate the air-water mixture coming through the jets. Turn the air control knob (located on side of tub by the top of the unit) to the left, and you will have a strong air-water stream coming through the jets. Turn the air control knob to the right, and you will have only water circulating through the system. Now lay back, relax and let the days tension slip away.
  5. To turn the Swirlpool off, press the air switch and the unit will turn off.
  6. Open drain and let water drain from the unit.


Swirlpool® – The Best of both Worlds