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Personal Shower Spa

Personal Shower Spa

For Today’s Fast-Paced Lifestyle We Have Developed the Personal Shower Spa™. The Personal Shower Spa includes the following factory-installed and tested accessories:

Four body sprays that are both directional and flow-controllable

  • Volume control allows for individual control of the flow of water from 2.5 gallons per minute to a bare trickle for each individual body spray.
  • Directional control allows for individual control of each body spray to stream the water exactly where it is most comfortable.
  • 19° Swivel in any direction

Two shower heads in one

  • Use as a regular shower head
  • Use as a hand-held shower
  • Use as a combination shower head and hand-held shower
  • 5 spray patterns for the ultimate massage therapy
  • 3-way diverter directly on the shower arm to control all shower head and hand-held shower options

Pressure Balance Mixing valve with diverter

  • 2-way diverter for control of: 4 body sprays, shower head and hand-held shower.

Stainless Steel Shower hose

  • Tangle-Free: 60" hose that extends up to 82", Extended Reach,No Hassle Movement.

All Accessories are Factory-Installed and Tested